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Tektronix의 차세대오실로스코프 4/5/6시리즈MSO 혼합신호오실로스코프의 New Firmware가 출시되어 공유드립니다 .

보유하신 오실로스코프의 펌웨어를 확인하시고, 장비의 사양에 맞게 다운로드 하시고 설치하시면 됩니다. 


다운로드 받아서 압축을 풀고, ifrmware.img 파일을 USB의 최상위 폴더에 복사한 이후 오실로스코프 전원을 off하고 USB 메모리를 삽입합니다. 

아래 링크로 다운로드 사이트에 접속하시면 installation instruction 파일이 있습니다.

함께 다운로드 받아서 참조하시면서 설치하시면 됩니다. 

▶ New Firmare V1.36.2 (25-July-2021)







  - 적용모델 :  This firmware supports 4, 5 and 6 Series MSO products  

      MSO44, MSO46, MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO58LP, LPD64, MSO64, MSO64B, MSO66B. MSO68B

 - 새로운 기능 (New Features) - V1.36.2 

     ①  IMDA

          - Added Speed, Acceleration and Direction measurements as part of mechanical  

    measurements using Hall sensors

          - Enhancement made to Power Quality (PQ) measurement by providing ‘Fundamental Frequency’

            and ‘All Frequencies’ as configuration

          - Support of demo session files for mechanical analysis

     ② Power (5/6-PWR)

          - Support custom limits for Harmonics measurement

     ③ User Defined Filter (UDFLT)

          - FIR Filters – Added Raised cosine, Root raised cosine and custom filters

          - Added generate button to the Math filters. User can now design the filter and view

            the filter response. User can apply the filter coefficients and see the filtered

            waveform on the Math

          - Support of demo session files with examples of new filters  

     ④ EtherCAT protocol solution

          - Decode in single ended/differential mode

          - Decode basic EtherCAT frame/basic EtherCAT frame with VLAN tag

          - Decode EtherCAT frame in UDPIP frame / EtherCAT frame in UDPIP frame with VLAN tag

          - Decode CRC/manchester errors

          - Search start of frame/end of packet/protocol/address/tag control information/

            EtherCAT header length

          - Search UDP/IP header/datagram/network variable/mailbox

          - Search errors like FCS/manchester errors

     ⑤ SMBus protocol solution

          - Decode with and without PEC byte

          - Decode read/host notify/block read/block write/read64/write64/read32/write32/read word/

            read byte/write word/write byte/send byte/receive byte/quick command

          - Decode address resolution protocol

          - Decode errors like NAck/PEC Errors

          - Search start/repeat start/address/host address/device address/command code/data/stop

          - Search errors like Ack/Nack/PEC

      ⑥ Defects Fixed:

         - 5 Series MSO shuts down after invalid temperature reading

         - Negative Pass/Fail Limit value is not allowed for "Falling Slew Rate" measurement

         - Optical probes using autoset crashes scope

         - Waveform label is not getting recalled from .wfm file

         - Vertical offset is incorrect when alternative units with very small ratio are used

         - DDC can't be deskewed between channels

         - Cursors readout unit does not display J (i.e. Joule) for s*W (i.e. seconds * Watt)

         - Call out feature does not work on invert image save

         - Self-cal and degauss error message popups prevent user from taking screen capture

         - Restoring a session file with multiple mask segments has missing segments

         - When the 4 Series MSO is used with a second display using the HDMI connector

      the screenshot contains both the display and a second image of the splash screen

         - Save As and Recall have different default folders

         - SQRT function causes offset in Math waveform in time

         - In 5 Series MSO, .mat file save as function overwrites without warning message

         - Confirmation message is saved in screen capture

         - When using the search function for a parallel bus event, the navigate arrow buttons

      of the front panel and '<' '>' icon in Search budge don't work sometimes

         - Setting AFG arb waveform via PI does not update until UI badge is tapped

         - Cursor readout goes off screen with many channels and zoom enabled

         - Mouse pointer is visible in screen captures on 4 Series MSO

         - Button Title mistakes exists with 'Traditional Chinese' Language Option

         - Channel badge unit is incorrect when power quality demo session file is recalled

         - Custom limits on harmonic measurement for pass/fail status do not exist

         - FRA measurement maximum amplitude exceeds scope internal AFG maximum amplitude

         - FRA measurement do not support up to maximum frequency value as available in external AFG

         - IMDA DQ0 measurement does not show clipping error in the results badge when waveforms

      are clipped

         - DPhy decode issues found on a particular DUT waveforms




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